about us

Berum Castle has been privately owned by our family since 1970. Starting with just one room that was provisionally set up as a guest room, the guest house in Berum Castle was set up and operated by our parents and in-laws Margit and Hans-Heinrich von Oppeln with great dedication and attention to detail. The further development of the castle has been in our hands since 2019 and presents us with new challenges every day.

We – Annika and Tido von Oppeln – believe in quality, social responsibility and because so many global issues determine our time, we rely on local partners and suppliers.

We want to operate in an ecologically compatible, sustainable and socially responsible manner; For example, we have our laundry ironed and mangled by the disabled help in Tidofeld. We mainly use regional products and support the farmers in our region.

A castle with good spirits!

Going on vacation, getting married, celebrating, enjoying the garden … none of this would be possible without every single team member.

We are actively supported in all challenges that have to be mastered.

Ina Müller – Housekeeper

Angelika Reents – Cleaning, breakfast and champagne receptions

Jürgen Langer – Castle and park maintenance

We are looking forward to your visit!